,,.....lo (rockstarlegend) wrote in r_u_pretti,


nothing really new to talk about
I hung out with my boo Brandon (he's so hawt lol Ill post a pic)
I did his hair n he took me to mickey D's and then brought me back home and I went to sleep. Im goin to Solbiato on saturday wit Bud Brian..and well probably go to a cook out or sumthin...Ive coem to realize i love my longtimes friends..ie the one sIve know 2yrs or longer..which is only a few ppl. and some of the ppl Ive known for a shorter time aswell but anyways Ive been makin moves lately, yes the folks have been letting me get on of their cars since mine is out of commission..but Im sleepy so ima take a nap befor eI make somemore moves...

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