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Sexy Enough?
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(Find these on the web)

1)Find a ciara picture (not my icon)

2)Find a green shirt

3)Find a eminem picture

4)Find something that has hello kitty on it

5)Find a picture of a drum set.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Empty out your purse. And take pictures of everything that is in it.

1) Would you rather be blind or deaf & WHY?
2) Your Favorite past memory;
3) Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
4) "Age aint nothing but a number". Your take on it.
5) If you could be anything in the world, what would it be?
The first person who gets 100 points will do a rejection and accpection coupons
and will give it automatically to the next person applying second time you get
a free glitter name tag and give me time and ill have it done third time you get
to make up the scavenger hunt 4th time you make up the theme and poll and all the time
when you get 100 points you start all over

Member Point System
Scavnger hunt=20 points
Poll=15 points
Theme=15 points
Writting about your day =10 points not after eachother
Pictures=10 points for 5 and more and 4 and less = 5 (not ones we saw)
Promoting-10 points 4 each place. 3 place a week.give links in a entry in the comm.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


1-You must fill out a application after you join!
2-You must be nice to every member or you will be banned bitch.
3-If you can't handle the truth then don't join.
4-Respect all the mods!
5-Be yourself.
6-You must have at least 2 CLEAR pictures of yourself.
7-For your subject in your application entry put "The Members Rock Hardcore"
so we know you have read the rules.
8-If you have already been stamped as a accepted and you want to post
a entry about something else please in your subject put stamped
9-You are aloud to promote commuinties in here but not every minute!

( Please use an LJ Cut Before the application )
About you.
-Nick name
-Age( 12 & Up Please )
-Are you dating someone?
-5+ Favorite Movies
-5+ Favorite Television Shows
-5+ Favorite Books ( If any )
-5+ Favorite Songs of the moment

Your Thoughts On :
-Teen pregnancy
-Underaged drug usage
-Gay marriage
-Eating disorders
-Define "True Beauty" ;
-What makes you "pretty"?;

-Promote to at least 2 journals/communities
1---Give us link
2---Give us link..
Find banners on the top and choose from them

Post at least 2 pictures of yourself. (Please at least one clear face shot)

Dee ( authentik__ )
Anna Marie ( princess_alina )
Regina ( reginax )
Tiruk ( __irreplaceable )
Pearl ( constant__love )
Mod of The Week= ( ladii_x_pimp )

Member of the week=rockstarlegend

authentik__ ( Dee)(MOD)
_whiteroses4me_ (Lana)
flipinay (Laine)
__irreplaceable(Tiruk) (MOD)
peanut_butter__ ( Tasha)
princess_alina (Anna Marie) (MOD)
reginax (regina) (MOD)
roxy___ (Roxy)
surebob_britt55 (Brittany)
x__unsp0kenl0ve (Jessica)
pretty_moon -member of the week
mizzbabydoll (Jazz)
constant__love (Pearl)(MOD)
shez_c0nviinced (Dee)
xo_koolie (Mandy)
__be4utifulsoul (Nici)
rockstarlegend (Brittiney)
j_fizzy (Janessa)
_f1yahfemme ( Nelle )
rockstarlegend ( Brittiney )

If you want to be a sister community, just ask!